SCC Employment & Volunteer Opportunities

Current Job Openings:

  • Please check back for future employment opportunities with SCC.

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

We cover a large region and thrive through the support of passionate and dedicated climbing advocates to serve as Area Reps, volunteers or interns. Please contact to let us know if you are interested in volunteering. Please include your information, location, and area of interest.

Area Reps: Serve as an SCC ambassador to a climbing area you love (See Climbing Areas for a current list of open positions).

Volunteers: Lend a hand on a trail day or event (See Upcoming Events for dates)

Event Reps: Host the SCC table at events to spread the word about our mission and current projects (Current locations: Atlanta, Alabama, Chattanooga, Birmingham)

Reach out to us about internships with SCC


SCC has had several incredible interns that have worked with us for school credit, capstone projects, or grad school projects. The SCC is a small non profit and is only as powerful as its strong base of volunteers. SCC offers unpaid, flexible, remote internships that typically follow the semester schedule.  Please read below for some current project opportunities, but feel free to reach out if you have other ideas! 


INTERNSHIP: Data Management Internship

LOCATION: Preference for CHATTANOOGA (remote availability in TN, AL & GA)

PROJECT: SCC was built in 1993 and has a ton of history, legacy, and infrastructure.  We are in need of a dedicated intern to help us catalog our history, organize our internal working drives, and help craft protocol and procedure for future generations. Someone who is detail oriented, takes initiative, and can work with minimal supervision will do well in this internship. 

 Support our team in archiving files, scanning historical documents, and implementing a document retention and management plan. The Data Management Intern will assist in creating, designing, and maintaining the architecture for document processes and procedures, and the development of an enforcement method for the proper chain of action and document identification. When needed, the Data Management Interns will archive and maintain a secure storage space for these documents. In addition, they will support our procedures in maintaining transparent, up-todate, and easily traceable documents both physically and electronically. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Create an inventory of files 
  • Copying, scanning, and storing documents
  • Checking for accuracy and editing files
  • Reviewing and updating technical documents (e.g., manuals and workflows)
  • File documents in physical and digital records 
  • Create templates for future use
  • Assist in managing the flow of documentation within the organization 
  • Maintain confidentiality around sensitive information and terms of agreement

 Assist in:

  • The management and maintenance of all documents
  • Updating and controlling procedure documents and forms 
  • Ensuring all document identification, classification, and filing 
  • Conducting document audits confirming they are current and accurate
  • Ensuring revised documents are accessible 
  • Training staff to conform to created specifications and document control procedures
  • Creating processes to oversee documents through its entire lifecycle (inception to archival)
  • Creating document filing and organizing systems that are both effective and efficient 
  • Ensuring proper organization and security of documents (paper and electronic) 
  • Collaborate and communicate with the senior team 


INTERNSHIP: Land Management Intern


PROJECT: SCC owns and manages 8 properties and we are in the process of updating our management plans and updating our land use surveys. This internship will help the SCC in crafting those management plans and land use surveys under the supervision of our Stewardship Director.


 INTERNSHIP: Stewardship Intern


PROJECT: Under the supervision of SCC’s Stewardship Director, intern duties may include land use monitoring, trail maintenance and construction, performing boundary, sign, and kiosk maintenance, invasive species control and crag restoration, educational programming, and trail day outreach activities.  


 INTERNSHIP: Marketing/Website Intern


PROJECT: The SCC keeps a current blog, updates the website, and manages a contact us email.  This intern will help in the critical task of awareness for our community and work directly with the Marketing Director in turning our weekly team updates into blog posts.  This intern will do a thorough audit of the website and make any updates/changes that are needed to ensure we are current with our messaging. This intern will also manage the contact us inbox. This intern will also help us craft membership design. (maybe this is separate).


Specific duties vary yearly based on the needs of the organization and interests of interns. The internship experience will culminate with a project which each intern will take the lead in planning and executing. Through this project, the successful applicant will be able to tailor this internship program to their specific interest or degree concentration, consistent with SCC mission and goals.