You and your crew have finally aligned all your schedules, packed your gear, and are ready to head off for a weekend trip to your favorite home-away-from-home. Whether you’re dead-set on finishing your limit project or just looking for a relaxing trip with friends, overnight trips are a great way to get the most out of a crag that’s a little far for a day trip. Here are five ways you can make the most out of your time and enjoy your visit even more.

1- Do research on the area you plan to visit

You might think you already know enough about where you plan to go, but you’d be surprised at how far a little extra research can go. Here in the southeast, you can check the SCC website for descriptions of all of our climbing areas, which sometimes includes crucial information such as gate codes and hunting closure dates. Researching ahead of time can also help you find the best camping areas, see the distance to nearby facilities, and assure you that the weather will hold out.

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2- Plan to carpool when possible

 Although you may be forced to take multiple vehicles to fit all of your gear, carpooling is a great way to conserve space at the campsite and the crag itself. In areas where parking is limited, it helps to have everyone in a single car in order to save space for other climbers. Plus, you’ll save money on gas and have plenty of time to chat with your friends about what you’re looking forward to on the way to the site.

 3- Camp only in designated areas

 It can be tempting to set up in areas that look more convenient at a first glance, but there are reasons that not every piece of land is a campground. Keep your campsites, tents, and vehicles in designated areas only, and make sure you pay if necessary. Campgrounds maintain their sites to accommodate human traffic, and going somewhere else can disrupt vegetation or get you in trouble with landowners.

 4- Use established fire rings and campsites

 Within designated camping areas, make sure to set up shop at campsites which will typically be clearly indicated. These sites will often have fire rings; you should only build fires within these rings to minimize the impact of fire elsewhere. While using these, make sure you keep an eye on the fire and put it out when done; the last thing you’d want is for the embers to catch on something else and spread.


5- Use bathroom facilities when available

If your campsite has bathroom facilities, make sure to always use them to keep waste in a centralized location. Otherwise, unless you have a shovel packed to dig a hole, use a WAG bag to lessen the impact on the earth around you. Either way, make sure to do your business where appropriate; you wouldn’t want to take a wrong step and leave a mess all over your shoes!


By following these guidelines, you can ensure a successful trip to the crag, and have less worries about something going awry. Camping can be a great way to explore climbing areas with a new perspective, and we hope you can use this advice to travel and create new memories.