The tradition of giving is built on the belief that generosity can have a monumental impact on the people and things that we love. Our coalition has seen that ring true so much this year. The legacy of giving can be seen in the continued stewardship of climbing areas and the creation of access to climbing areas for everyone. It is overwhelmingly evident that the current generation of rock climbers has a deep desire to preserve access for the ever-growing community that will only continue to increase as more people fall in love with our sport.


If you’re curious about the impact that donating to your friendly neighborhood climbing organization can have, let’s take a look at some of the ways you’ve helped preserve access and support grassroots stewardship projects this year.


  • Preserving Access
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Trash Clean-up
  • Trail Building & Maintenance
  • Rusty Hardware Replacement


If you climb in Georgia, Alabama or Tennessee and you want to contribute to the stewardship of our climbing areas, there are so many ways you can help.


  1. Become a member OR Gift a membership!


Joining as a member of the Southeastern Climbers Coalition is a great way to directly support our mission and ensure the continued success of our organization. Whether it’s a one time donation or a sustaining monthly contribution, members help keep the lights on and the coalition strong. Plus it comes with member perks!


Learn more about membership here


  1. Amazon Smile


When you shop at, Amazon donates to your favorite charitable organization (that would be us), at no cost to you. For every item purchased, Amazon will donate 0.5% of eligible purchases.


Go to and select “Southeastern Climbers Coalition Inc.” as your non-profit beneficiary. Bookmark the page and sign in to Amazon Smile every time you shop on Amazon in order for proceeds to benefit SCC (and tell your friends!)


  1. Shop at Burlaep Apparel


Burlaep has been a LONG time supporter of SCC. They are the printing wizards that make all our member T-Shirts. Through their Conservation Collection, they have a partnership with SCC that helps to tangibly contribute to outdoor recreational access and land acquisition.


ANY product purchased on their website helps acquire two square feet of land to preserve for climbing.


  1. Shop at Crag Life


Atlanta based business, Crag Life is proud to partner with Southeastern Climbers Coalition. They give back 5% of all profits and 50% of SCC related products to support preserving climbing in the southeast.


  1. Need Custom Climbing Holds? Reach out to Natural Climbing


Ethan from Natural Climbing handcrafts beautiful climbing holds from local sourced wood. He very generously donates 10% of his sales to SCC. Check him out on instagram at @natural_climbing


  1. Pest Tech Chattanooga Calendar


Pest Tech Chattanooga has generously selected SCC to be a beneficiary of proceeds from their Tastefully Revealing Holiday Calendar. 


  1. Employer Matching Programs


A lot of companies are looking for ways to give back (and get those end of year tax breaks). Ask your HR department or supervisor if your company matches charitable donations.


However you choose to give, know that your contribution is going to support the preservation of outdoor climbing in the southeast for current and future generations. Every trail built, every acre purchased and every rusty bolt replaced is made possible thanks to the generosity of our community. Our coalition of southeastern climbers has shown time and again the power of rallying together to protect the rocks we love. Thank you for empowering the work of stewarding the amazing outdoor resources that will continue to impact the lives of rock climbers for years to come.