South Fulton, GA – October 18, 2022 – Southeastern Climbers Coalition (SCC) and Southeastern Trust for Parks and Land (SE Trust) are excited to work together to bring a second climbing area to South Fulton.

In 2019, SE Trust and their park building team began the planning, permitting, partnering, and funding processes for what is now known as Campbellton Creek Nature Park. Ongoing regular community volunteer workdays started in June 2021.  The park now boasts an impressive trail system equipped to handle hikers, bikers, and nature enthusiasts alike.  The park presents a unique opportunity for individuals just starting to embark on their outdoor adventure and is a park built for people of all skill levels.

“Southeastern Trust parks are designed, built, and maintained with a primary goal of making outdoor recreation easily accessible for the public,” said Bill Jones, founder and Executive Director. “All of our parks are free for public use and we’re thrilled to work with the Southeastern Climbers Coalition to add bouldering to our list of outdoor activities this winter at Campbellton Creek Nature Park.”

The SCC and SE Trust recognize that Campbellton Creek Nature Park not only is a park that conserves the land and its natural flora and landscape, but also as an opportunity to provide an outdoor recreation experience to the neighboring communities.  The SCC has partnered with SE Trust to activate the local community and provide a rock climbing experience suited for beginners and even young climbers.  

SCC is a leading organization in providing expertise and leadership to support climbing area resource management. Their efforts include: erosion control, graffiti and trash removal, trail construction and maintenance, vegetation recovery, and climbing area infrastructure. The SCC leads outreach efforts to educate youth from diverse backgrounds about the importance of being a responsible climber in the outdoors and raise their awareness about how to help preserve climbing areas for future generations. Through the Rising Climbing Stewards program, the SCC will activate the local youth clubs and invite them to participate in activating these boulders.

“The SCC recognizes the unique opportunity we have with this project, we can provide climbing opportunities and an introduction to climbing stewardship in a way we have not done before, with the help of Southeastern Trust for Parks and Land,” Meagan Evans, Executive Director of SCC says, she goes on, “We will be able to work in a way that breaks down some of the barriers to access that there can often be for people to recreate in the outdoors, with tools like educational signage and our Rising Climbing Stewards program. The rock itself lends itself to play and exploration for beginners.”

Climbing is not currently open to the public.  The SCC will spend the fall and winter of 2022-2023 working with local climbing groups to activate the boulders.  If you are interested in the Rising Climbing Stewards Program, trail days, or getting involved with the project, please contact the SCC.

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