Kings Bluff is one of the SCC’s oldest owned crags. Located in Clarksville, TN, on the Cumberland River, Kings Bluff has some of the best views around. The area has historically been visited by locals who have trashed the area. Because of the ease of access to lake swimming, teenagers and adults alike swarm the area on hot summer days, some of them respecting the natural beauty, others leaving a permanent mark.

Thanks to a generous grant from the American Alpine Club, the SCC was ready to tackle some of the destruction at Kings Bluff! Thanks to a team of local climbers, we were able to clean most of the graffiti that littered the area. We also cleaned up the kiosk and changed the signage that had been destroyed by graffiti.

In an attempt to limit the amount of traffic, the SCC has installed a combo lock on the gate at the entrance. The lock has had minimal success, but has failed when people don’t close the gate behind them after entering. The local community is working hard to monitor the area, especially as the hot summer days approach. We have also installed new signage in hopes that people will be more respectful of the land.

A big thanks to this group of volunteers for coming out for this trail day and for their year round dedication to this crag.