• *NOTICE: This property is now open with new policies. Please review our COVID-19 ADVISORY and follow all current CDC regulations as well as local/state orders.

    CDC regulations prohibit the gathering of 10 or more people. In order to minimize crowding for visitor safety on our properties, we are limiting the number of gate codes released every day. We need your help to ensure that this limit is not exceeded.

    This gate code is to be requested for the day you wish to visit. We will change gate codes regularly.

    You will receive the gate code in your email once you submit the form

  • Gate Code Responsibility

    In an effort to prevent overcrowding so that climbers can safely access and enjoy SCC properties, we will limit the number of gate codes released per day. Please respect this regulation in order to keep our properties open to the public to enjoy. Gate codes will be changed weekly, so you'll need to fill this form out again to receive another code.