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tackling the aging fixed hardware problem in the southeast


The FIRST stop of the Petzl reBOLT TRIP

Petzl has teamed up with the Access Fund and the Southeastern Climbers Coalition (SCC) to conduct some bolt-to-bolt replacement of the aging anchors in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area. During the months of Sept, Oct, and Nov, REBOLT CHATTANOOGA will carry out a series of fundraisers and service projects that you are invited to attend:


A convenient and local way for you to donate money to the SCC’s efforts to maintain the aging anchors in the Southeast—10% of all Petzl sales at participating retailers will be donated directly to the SCC.

When: Sept 1 – Oct 31

Where: High Point Climbing & Fitness, Cumberland Transit, Travel Country Outfitters, Rock/Creek Outfitters, The Riveter, Bill Jackson’s, Inner Peaks, Triangle Rock Club, The Climb Gyms.

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An entertaining way for the community to raise funds for the cause—buy tickets to play climberized-games and enter raffles with all proceeds being donated to the SCC. 

When: Nov 12

Where: High Point Climbing & Fitness in downtown Chattanooga

trail day


A direct way for you to play a role in preserving our climbing areas—build and restore local climbing trails at Woodcock Cove with the Access Fund Conservation Team.

When: Nov 14-18, starting at 9:00 am CDT each day

Where: Woodcock Cove

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Petzl employees and SCC anchor maintenance volunteers will undergo a day of training with the Petzl Technical Institute and then spend 5 days replacing the aging anchors on around thirty routes at Foster Falls and Denny Cove—replacing approximately 300 bolts. This will be one-to-one replacement of pre-existing old fixed hardware, not new development.


Nov 13: Ground School Training Day

Nov 14-18 : Aging Hardware Replacement

Where: Foster Falls and Denny Cove

Whether you’re here to donate, volunteer, or simply learn more — thank you. With the energy and creativity of climbers like you, REBOLT CHATTANOOGA can be a step toward creating a better climbing future. 

“The first and best line of defense for protecting climbing areas is almost always the local climbers who are familiar with the areas and the issues.”  —Access Fund, 2022

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The Petzl REBOLT TRIP is a service-oriented initiative focused on raising funds, educating, and equipping volunteers with the tools they need to maintain and replace aging anchors across the US and Canada. 


The increased popularity of climbing has not only brought on the premature aging of fixed hardware but other obstacles like: excessive erosion, human waste, parking, and more. It’s taking an extensive toll on underdeveloped climbing areas, causing some of them to become unsafe or even closed to climbing entirely. 


Together, we will be able to create awareness, generate funding, and share the technical expertise to sustain the areas that need help the most. We believe this is a great first step toward creating a better future for climbing.




Retail Fundraiser

Petzl teamed up with a few of your favorite climbing gear shops in the area to provide the climbing community a convenient way to donate money to the SCC’s efforts to maintain the aging anchors in the Southeast. During September and October, 10% of all Petzl sales from participating retailers will be donated directly to the Southern Climber’s Coalition. Participating retailers are: High Point Climbing & Fitness, Cumberland Transit, Travel Country Outfitters, Rock/Creek Outfitters, The Riveter, Bill Jackson’s, Inner Peaks, Triangle Rock Club, The Climb Gyms. 


Carnival Fundraiser

On Nov 12, Petzl and High Point Climbing and Fitness will host a climbers carnival to provide an entertaining way for the community to raise additional funds for the cause. During 6-11pm at the High Point facility in downtown Chattanooga, community members can buy tickets to play climberized carnival games and enter for a chance to participate in the Pro-Am Challenge, setting you up to climb alongside some of your favorite Petzl sponsored climbers. All proceeds of the carnival — raffles, games, merch, etc. — will go towards supporting the SCC’s mission of preserving southeastern climbing areas. More info coming soon.  


Woodcock Cove Trail Work

During Nov 14-18, The Access Fund Conservation Team will work with volunteers to sustainably build and restore local climbing trails at Woodcock Cove. This may seem out of line with an initiative focused on fixed hardware; however, as we mentioned earlier, REBOLT TRIP is not all about bolts. 


SCC Aging Hardware Replacement Training and Equipment Donations

In addition to the fundraisers, Petzl Technical Institute and Access Fund staff will provide 8-10 hours of training to the SCC anchor maintenance volunteers, as well providing all equipment necessary (bolts, drill bits, rope systems, harnesses, helmets, rope access hardware, etc). Rope system training will include work at height techniques (ascending, descending, etc) for anchor replacement, as well as self and partner rescue. Anchor maintenance training will include hole-for-hole replacement techniques including bolt removal and proper bolt installation.


Rebolting Foster Falls and Denny Cove

During Nov 14-18, volunteer SCC anchor maintenance volunteers will work with Petzl, the SCC, and the Access Fund to refurbish two crags in the Chattanooga areas — Foster Falls and Denny Cove. Aging hardware, a humid climate, and extremely high traffic make these areas the perfect candidates for REBOLTing efforts. 

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Nationwide Rebolter Program

One of the largest barriers for managing aging anchors is the cost. It takes money, as well as time and knowledge, to make these things happen. So we want to make it easier. After REBOLT CHATTANOOGA, Petzl will put out a call to climbers across North America to nominate local volunteers in their area to receive a Petzl REBOLT kit and rope system training from the renowned Petzl Technical Institute. After receiving nominations, 6 nominees will be selected. More info coming soon


Where is the next REBOLT TRIP?

At the start of 2023, Petzl will accept applications for making one of your local areas the next stop of the REBOLT TRIP, helping your local climbing organization REBOLT and refresh your crags. More info coming soon.