Land Manager: Southeastern Climbers Coalition

Native Lands: Mvskoke (Muscogee / Creek) (from

Area Rep: Parker Weide,

SCC purchased Yellow Bluff in 2009, after it had been closed for nearly 20 years. Yellow Bluff, located outside of Huntsville, is home to Alabama’s first 5.13a, Rainbow Warrior, established in the late 80’s, as well as the first 13d/14a, Tour de Jour. Many Alabama legends have put up routes at Yellow Bluff, including James Dobbs, Curt Merchant, Betty Jo Rattford-Merchant, and Roy Simmons, as well as climbers from out of state such as Arno Ilgner, Jeff Gruenberg, Shannon Stegg and Jesse Guthrie. Yellow Bluff was closed shortly after people began climbing there, but was opened in perpetuity by the SCC. Climbers can now enjoy the crag any time!

Yellow Bluff is surrounded by private property. Do not top out the cliff and keep noise to a minimum while visiting the crag.


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What to Expect

Yellow Bluff consists of a mix of traditional and sport routes on gorgeous southern sandstone. Be sure to check out the awesome compost toilet built by locals. See below for how to use the compost toilet.

Access notes

  • Be a good neighbor: Please make a good impression by driving slowly, smiling and being respectful to our neighbors.
    • This also includes No Trespassing. Unfortunately, the SCC does not own the entire cliff. If you see ‘End SCC Property” signs you are leaving SCC property and are subject to trespassing law.
  • Leave No Trace: Keep this area beautiful and clean. Clean up after yourselves, your peers, and your pets. Lead by example and pick it up on the first pass.
  • Fixed Hardware: Do not toprope through fixed anchors. This places unnecessary wear and tear on the hangers as well as your personal equipment. Please use personal carabiners for toproping.
  • Composting Toilet:
    • A diverter seat is provided to separate urine and solid waste. Cover solid waste with the provided compost. NO TRASH, PLASTICS, CARDBOARD, or URINE in the compost bin – organic waste and TP only! Anything else will ruin the compost.
    • When possible, please urinate outside, away from cliffs and roofs. Pack out TP; do not bury or leave on the surface.
    • ALWAYS close the lid. Close and lock the door when done.
    • The door code is 4159.


No camping at Yellow Bluff


You can download a Yellow Bluff topo here.