Land Manager: US Forest Service

Area Rep: Sam Taylor,

Currahee Mountain, made popular by famous television miniseries, Band of Brothers, hosts a decent amount of good quality, granite routes. Currahee not only offers rock climbing, but also hiking and mountain biking, and serves as a training ground for the local Army regiments.

Currahee has historically been known for the large amounts of graffiti that have littered the cliffs. In 2015, SCC worked with local climbers and the US Forest Service to begin cleaning graffiti from the cliffs. Over the course of a few years, we’ve helped erase thousands of graffiti tags and tons of trash. SCC will continue to work with the park to remove the graffiti as it appears and keep the park clean.


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What to Expect

Curahee Mountain is a small cliff that overlooks the valley near Toccoa in northeast Georgia. The area provides easy access to a variety of good routes. The site features four areas. The Brick Wall, a shaded wall with good top rope access, good bolts, and a trad route. The Small Wall that lives up to its name, featuring only 4 routes. The Slab Wall also lives up to its name, boasting a plethora of awesome slab routes with spars bolting. Last there is The Buzzard Wall a medium sized wall with anchor access and 10 routes. The routes on Currahee are a mixture of sport and top rope, with very few trad routes. Some of the sport routes have to be lead before they can be set up with a top rope.

Access notes

  • No overnight parking: Currahee is closed from 10:30pm-6:00am
  • Dogs: Dogs are welcome, but please keep them on a leash.
  • Leave No Trace: Keep this area beautiful and clean. Clean up after yourselves, your peers, and your pets. Lead by example and pick it up on the first pass.
  • All US Forest Service rules and regulations apply.


No camping Currahee


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