What is the SCC Corporate Partnership Program

  1. Make a general donation of cash, products and/or services above-and-beyond sponsorship for individual events
  2. Sponsor all SCC events for the year at some level
  3. Completed the SCC Corporate Partnership Agreement.

Cash donations and Grants, while not necessarily associated with a particular event, can be designated by the Partner to be used for specific needs or projects, such as our Anchor Maintenance Fund, to pay the note on the Boat Rock property, to pay expenses for the King’s Bluff Property, Jamestown Land Acquisition, a specific trail restoration project, buying lunch for our hard working trail day volunteers, or any number of other expenses the SCC is faced with.

If you are reading this then chances are you have already been a sponsor of SCC event’s at some point and we appreciate the generous and vital support you’ve given us thus far. But, as stated above, sponsoring individual SCC events does not automatically make one an SCC Corporate Partner. Please understand that this done out of fairness to all of the other Partners, and because the Program is not about the past but rather a commitment to the future.


All SCC Corporate Partners receive recognition on our SCC Partners web page, in our Newsletter, on promotional material for events and in any other way we can find to spray about you. Whenever time & space allows, your name and/or logo can be found associated with the following statement, whether written or spoken:

“The Southeastern Climbers Coalition Corporate Partnership Program consists of businesses that are dedicated to preserving the Southeast’s great climbing resources. By partnering with the SCC, these companies are doing their part to ensure access to and the conservation of regional climbing areas. Please endorse these companies that provide vital support to the SCC and your climbing future.”

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The Southeastern Climbers Coalition is the steward for scores of climbing areas across our region. The more climbing areas that are open, the more people there will be wanting to buy climbing gear. This means more sales for you. Additionally, the land you help us save and the trails we maintain on that land are used by a variety of user groups, not just rock climbers. So, by the supporting the SCC, you are also supporting yourself and the outdoor industry in our region in general.