The Activists’ Corner

Welcome to the Activist’s Corner. Here you will find a variety of materials to aid in your efforts in preserving access, conservation of the climbing resource and promotion of the SCC and our events.

About the SCC:
SCC Area Rep Guidelines – HTML
SCC – Crag Educational Flyer – PDF
Membership Form – PDF
Membership Form – HTML
SCC Partners Agreement 2013-2014 – DOCX
501(c)(3) Articles of Incorporation – HTML
Anchor Maintenance Fund Policy – PDF
Expenditures Policy – PDF

Conservation & Awareness:
Conservation Legacy Program – PDF
Access Fund Gym to Crag Educational Flyer – PDF
Crag Educational Flyer – PDF
Rocktown Environmental Education Flier – JPG
Minimal Impact in the Boulderfields Flier – HTML
Minimal Impact in the Boulderfields Flier – PDF

Coordinating with Landowners and Land Managers:
Cumberland Trail Fixed Hardware Review Committee Application
How To Open a Closed Crag on Private Land (by Brad McLeod)
Memoranda of Understanding: How MOUs w/ Land Managers Can Assist Climbing Activists – PDF
Climbing on Private Land (from the Access Fund) – PDF
Working with Private Landowners (from the Access Fund)
Sample MOU: Prentice-Cooper Climbing Management Policies – PDF
Sample MOU: Red River Gorge CC – MS Word
Recreational Use Statutes: Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee,
Searching for Titles of Landowners (thanks Patrick Pharo) – PDF

Building Sustainable Trails
Natural Surface Trails by Design
Lightly on the Land: The SCA Trail Building and Maintenance
The Art & Craft of Stonescaping – Setting & Stacking Stone
Closing and Reclaiming Damaged Trails
10 Most Common Trailbuilding Mistakes

Climbing Management Plans
Climbing Management Plan Guidelines – PDF
Obed River Final Climbing Management Plan – PDF
Sunset Rock Final Climbing Management Plan
Foster Falls Climbing Management Plan

SCC Logos (Right-click, then “Save Target As…”)

Standard Logo
New Standard Landscape Logo:
Download PDF
Download EPS Tall Logo
New Portrait (Tall) Logo:
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Standard Logo
Old Standard Landscape Logo:
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Transparent PSD 300 dpi Tall Logo
Old Tall Logo:
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