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Rock Town
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Your climbing Ranger for Rocktown is Tim Gilbreath. Please go out of your way to say "hello" to Mr. Gilbreath and let him know how much you appreciate all of the work he does to keep climbing a legitimate recreational activity within the park.

Cooper Roberts on Blue

Danielle Wilson throws for a hold

Steven Farmer works his way out the stellar roof of "Inspired by an Idiot"

An afternoon session on "Sugar"

Rock Town Info

Emergency Contact Numbers:
Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Emergency 911

Walker County Emergency Services

Rocktown is located on Pigeon Mountain, near Lafayette, Georgia and home to stellar sandstone bouldering. Climbers from around the world have flocked to this winter destination which many call "the Fountainbleau of the South". The SCC and the Atlanta Climbing Club have been sponsoring trail days over the last few years to help improve the area. The area has seen increased use over the years and the local ranger has several request to reduce impacts. Do your part and help keep Rocktown a great place for everyone to enjoy.

Recommended Boulder Problems

  • The Scoop (V3)
  • Croc Block (V5)
  • Lab Rats (V5)
  • Tunnel Vision (V5)
  • Skin Graft (V6)
  • Bermuda Triangle (V7)
  • The Orb (V8)

Rocktown Reminders:

  1. Treat the land with respect, like don't swing on the saplings or litter; stay on the beaten path. Read Minimum Impact in the Boulderfields
  2. Participate at trail days
  3. Car pool to minimize cars in the parking lot.
  4. Be very courteous and cooperative when dealing with the rangers
  5. Dogs should be on a leash at all times once you leave the parking lot and head in to Rocktown
  6. Speed limit on all roads in the WMA is 20 MPH
  7. No camping in Rocktown or on Lost Wall ridge.
  8. Encourage others to do these things and don't tolerate any behavior from others that poses the slightest threat to access.
  9. No drugs or alcohol.
  10. Padding must be used on trees when top-roping or rappelling.
  11. No cutting of live vegetation especially at the base of boulders.
  12. The placement of any bolt requires written permission from The Department of Natural Resources. It is a felony to place a bolt at Lost Wall or Rock Town. You will be charged with "Defacement of Government Property".
  13. Camping is free, but the maximum stay is 2 weeks. If you feel you must staty longer, please leave the area and go to Sandrock for a week and then you may return.
For Emergencies, Dial 911.

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