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Rock & Rave - It Happened!
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In October 2012 a few of us who do some work for the SCC received an email from a guy named John Juraschek. Said he wanted to do a fundraiser at Stone Summit to benefit the Access Fund, the SCC and the CCC. Wanted to get together at the gym and talk about it. Great, we thought. A little fundraiser party, and we'll make a little money.

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2013 Float the Boat Results
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As a reward for last year weather-postponed competition, the climbing gods blessed our 2013 Float The Boat Bouldering Competition with near-perfect weather. Almost 100 competitors and plenty of spectators joined us for a day of friendly competition and celebration of the permanent preservation of Boat Rock. In all, the SCC raised $4,000 in proceeds from the event, which will be used to maintain protected areas like Boat Rock and work toward acquiring new areas.

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Urban Rocks Gym & The Southeastern Climbers Coalition hosts Deep Creek Trail

Urban Rocks, Southeastern Climbers Coalition, Velo Coffee Roasters, Four Bridges Outfitters, Granola, and REI Team Up for A Day to Work on the Deep Creek Approach Trail

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Kings Bluff Trail Day
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Beers, Cheers, and 10 Great Years: How the Triple Crown is Still Going Strong

Whitney Boland

The Triple Crown Bouldering Series has been going on for as long as Iíve been climbing in the South. Founded in the desire of a passionate group of people trying to raise money for access, the Triple Crown has gained legendary national status. Among the countryís proudest outdoor comps and most successful events, the Triple Crown has done well to keep its authenticity and original feel-good vibes, despite its ever-growing popularity. And despite the impression that every event in the South is all about the booze, itís much more. Itís the people, the passion and the amazing rock of this place.

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