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The Southeastern Climbers Coalition: Climbing Area Update

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Shades Crest Boulderfields AKA Moss Rock PRESERVE - Update
michelle_c writes...

Click for larger image Moss Rock Area Rep - Lee Means writes: Today I spoke with Colin Conner, City of Hoover Forrester. For those of you who are heartbroken over the new development at Moss Rock, I totally feel you—I was out there the day of the initial cut and my heart skipped a beat. It’s sad I know, but its life.

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Changes to Little Rock City Access
bs_johnson writes...

Changes at Little Rock City The Stone Fort

IMPORTANT!!--START DATE FOR CHANGES AT LRC/STONE FORT HAS BEEN CHANGED TO JANUARY 1 2007--Below are the current parameters for upcoming changes to visitation at LRC (The Stone Fort)—All changes will be in place beginning January 1 2007. These changes are being made by the landowner with the long-term goal of maintaining access for climbers.

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Jamestown Purchase and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

On Friday, May 6th, 2005, The Southeastern Climbers Coalition www.seclimbers.org purchased and completed the closing on the Jamestown tract (3.14 acres, 1,550 linear feet) in northeast Alabama.

The Jamestown climbing cliff has been closed to the public since 1993 due to an access dispute with a local landowner.

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Jamestown Contract Signed
brad mc writes...

Click for larger imageThe Southeastern Climbers Coalition (SCC) announces that the contract for the 3.14 acre Jamestown climbing tract was signed by the landowner, March 3, 2005. Jamestown is located in northeast Alabama and is a mile long sandstone cliff that has been closed since 1993. The area is now scheduled to re-open in May, 2005.

Note: The dirty work and grunt labor has been done. Now comes the fun part. We need to raise approximately $15,500 in the next 60 days and the crag is ours, forever. So far we have raised approximately $12,000 of which has gone to pay for the survey, appraisal, earnest check and insurance fees.

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Sunset Rock’s Rejuvenation

Beginning at the onset of summer, the Southeastern Climbers Coalition, the Chattanooga Climbers Association and a core group of dedicated Chattanooga climbers along with the National Park Service initiated a new anchor installation campaign at Sunset Rock. Stewart Chapin, along with Kirk Brode, Tyler Stracker, and David Draper began talks with Ranger Dennis Curry to install new top anchors on the most traveled and popular routes at Sunset Park along with installing fixed anchors that had previously been removed on most routes that required fixed gear to climb. This group of climbers met to discuss which routes needed anchors, where anchors should be placed, what routes needed fixed gear and which ones didn’t. After minor deliberation, they met with Dennis Curry and set dates to begin the drilling. Click to see larger image
Chad Fowler on The Beauty

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