Rock & Rave - It Happened!
Date: Tuesday, February 26 @ 17:03:53 CST
Topic: Events

In October 2012 a few of us who do some work for the SCC received an email from a guy named John Juraschek. Said he wanted to do a fundraiser at Stone Summit to benefit the Access Fund, the SCC and the CCC. Wanted to get together at the gym and talk about it. Great, we thought. A little fundraiser party, and we'll make a little money.

So in that meeting he says he wants to have over a thousand people, a ton of sponsors, all kinds of competitions and activities, tons of swag, and at the end, a full-on rave, and he's wildly enthusiastic about the whole thing. And some of us left that meeting thinking he was kinda crazy. Seriously, a rave? But hey, he's psyched, so let's see what we can pull off…

Well, if you were there, you know. Rock & Rave was totally amazing. The psyche level was incredible all night, and we raised a lot of money for three very worthy organizations -- the organizations that are protecting climbing resources for all of us.

Someone more talented will write more about the event later, but the purpose of this is to thank the folks who made it happen. Undoubtedly we'll forget some of them, so apologies in advance. First, a huge thank you to Stone Summit for hosting the event. Daniel, Darren, Alastair, and their whole staff were fantastic! Next, it would not have been even remotely possible without our sponsors, starting with title sponsor Outdoor Research, presenting sponsors Prana, Mellow Mushroom, Sweetwater Brewing, and Unique Outfitters and then Arc'Teryx, Black Diamond, Bluewater Ropes, DPM Climbing, Darn Tough Vermont, Evolv, FiveTen, High Country Outfitters, LaSportiva, Mad Rock, Misty Mountain, Mountain High, Petzl, Red Bull, Robeks, Scarpa, Sterling Rope, Teamscum, and Walltopia.

Big thanks to all who contributed prizes for the raffles, auctions, and throw-outs. Special thanks to Rob Robinson who donated 62 copies of his T-Wall guidebook. Big, big, thanks to Hans Florine, Chris Sharma, and Kurt Smith. Their participation really brought out the crowds and kept the energy up! Thank you to Brady Robinson, Zachary Lesch-Huie, Holly Smolenski, Amy Daley, and everyone at the Access Fund. Huge thank you to Bill and Forest Mayer, who created the phenomenal artwork for the posters, postcards, and website. Another huge thank you to Barry Clement at Unique Outfitters, who coordinated lighting, sound, and more. Big thank you to Jessie Phillips from REI for coordinating volunteers and many other things. Thanks to Mike and Alesha Reardon for running the silent auction. Thanks to D***** Claymayshun and Sikora. Thanks to all of the volunteers and especially to Coach Emily and the kids from Urban Core Climbing, who rocked it. Also a big thank you to Lisa and her crew from the Atlanta Rocks Youth Climbing Team. Massive thank you to our dedicated SCC volunteers Tracy Meazell, Julie Reed, Andrea Kinsman, Joye Sewell, and Cathi DeSanto of the Atlanta Climbing Club. On JJ's team, a HUGE thank you to Katie Coley, who did a TON of work on the front end and killed it running the event Saturday night. Also Cory Wall, who brought his truck and ran all over picking up stuff to make it happen and then returned it all the next day. Big thanks to Ashley Mooneyhan and all of her crew with the Mellow Mushroom Bake Bus, for keeping us well fed! Thank you to KC Corbett and Teamscum for bringing the shirt printing party and giving part of their proceeds to the cause.

We’d like to thank all of the climbers who came out and threw some money to a good cause - and made a hell of a party out of it.

And finally, we’'d like to thank John Juraschek "JJ" for dreaming up this crazy idea, and for having enough enthusiasm to motivate everyone mentioned above, and more.

As stated above, we have, without a doubt, forgotten to thank some folks here. Please accept our sincerest apology.

We'll write more about the event and the money raised in a later post, but until next time THANK YOU!!!

For more details on the night's events, check out the Rock and Rave coverage by Dead Point Magazine.

Written by Will Eccleston

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