Triple Crown Series - Horse Pens 40 Results
Date: Tuesday, November 09 @ 19:45:12 CST
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Click for larger image We wanted to deliver a giant round of thanks for all of the support at Horse Pens 40. Beautiful weather, a massive turn-out (apprx. 600 climbers and spectators), and unbelievable energy made for a fantastic event.

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Mortal Combat
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Hundreds turned-out just to see some of the best climbers on the planet--Chris Sharma, James Litz, Lisa Rands, Wills Young, Jason Kehl, Brian Capps, and last year's "king" Matt Bosley to mention a few. In all, twenty-eight states were represented by competitors from around the country.

With prize donations from the Triple Crown, the Southeastern Climbers' Coalition raised over $1,400 through raffles. The money will go directly toward the purchase of a beautiful sandstone crag in Alabama (Jamestown).

Attached to this e-mail is a list of the winners from each category along with their point total from the competition. Please visit our website at for new competition photos (coming soon), updates, and information on the grand finale at Little Rock City in just a few short weeks. Also see the "much visited" website of the Southeastern Climbers' Coalition at Triple Crown information, pictures, interviews (with Lisa Rands, Jim Horton and Chad Wykle) can be found on the homepage of this website.

Special thanks goes to the city of Chattanooga for all of their support at the upcoming competition at Little Rock City. Lisa Watjen of the newly formed Chattanooga Outdoor Initiative has been working hard to support the efforts of The Triple Crown Bouldering Series.

Thanks again for ALL of your support!!

Best Regards-
Chad Wykle Jim Horton
DiGiulian Sasha F 3502
Woolf Bradley M 2311
Carpenter Trent M 2211

Ancient Hard Person
Lemoine Brandon M 6079
Chapin Stuart M 4291
Wilson David M 4127

Hughes Laurie F 2266
Blunt Gina F 2228
Miller Alexis F 2218
GaribaldiJulia F 2196

Roth Chris M 2443
England Sam M 2442
Wilder Adam M 2440
Cruz Ernest M 2440
Browand Laura F 3024
Warren Kristin F 2810
McLaughlin Anne F 2466

Conner Robb M 4641
Rosewall Joe M 4498
Weaver Ross M 4484
Withrow Kirk M 4394

Szekely Andrea F 4123 Byron Amanda F 3461
Lee Siemay F 3204

Holcomb Robert M 7614
Gilbert Chad M 7531
Todd Kevin M 7120
Osbourne Mark M 7100

Rands Lisa F 8803
Barnes Natasha F 6075
Reese Kate F 6018

Litz James M 12733
Bosley Matt M 11908
Pitts Zack M 9592
Sharma Chris M 9027

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