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Dual Article: Boat Rock Open House and Possible Kings Bluff Acquisition. 06.03.2
Posted on Friday, March 19
by Robert

Climbing News
Two Articles:
1. Boat Rock Now Open.
2. Kings Bluff To Be In SCC Hands.

Boat Rock Open House Writeup

The bulldozer clears out the parking area with ease. Note: we avoided cutting down trees where we could.
Jerry Dodgen mans the $100 dollar club drawing with the help of his lovely assistants Ashley McLeod (left) and Madison Kleinhelter (right).
Boat Rock is now open in the new 7.8 acre tract to climbing, hiking and all passive recreation use. On Saturday, June 1st, 2002, on National Trails Day, the ribbon was cut to officially open the area. Several local climbers, Senator Danzel James, community leaders, developers and neighbors all helped to cut the ribbon. It was a landmark day as a small local climbing organization fought a hard battle and won. The area is owned by The Southeastern Climbers Coalition and to be managed as a community park. And oh yeah, there is some climbing to be found there also.

The SCC would like to personally thank all of the countless volunteers who labored day and night to make this happen. We would also like to thank all of the sponsors who donated money and gear to help support the cause. The Access Fund www.accessfund.org gets a huge round of applaus for stepping up big and writing a check for $10,000.00. The grant was a huge shot in the arm to help make this project happen.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are out that way in order to keep access open for all. The new gravel parking lot off Boat Rock Road is partially built and you will find a kiosk by the trail head. The kiosk has alot of info to help you enjoy the Boat Rock experience.

  1. When you are climbing around on the awesome boulders always use a spot pad and spotter. Climbing is inherently dangerous and can result in bodily injury or even death. The law of gravity is strictly enforced.
  2. Be courteous to private landowners adjacent to the property. In particular be nice to the neighbor who lives directly west (he has a big boulder next to his house) of the new 7.8 acre tract. Stay away from his house and dont trespass on to his yard. Be courteous if asked to leave his property.
  3. We have still not worked out the liability and lease agreement with the owner and lawyers for the area around the lake. Please stay away from the lake area until we can work it out.
  4. Haul your trash and litter out of the site. That means no tape, cigarette butts or power bar wrappers.
  5. No alcohol, drugs or profanity.
  6. No climbing after dark.
Most of all, have fun! That is what this area is for. Thanks again for all of your support to make this area a park for future generations to enjoy.

The chain saw makes quick work of a tree that has fallen over the trail.
A new kiosk is installed by local climbers.
A shot of the crowd right before the ribbon cutting.
A good shot of the SCC table in the morning before most of the volunteers arived.

Kings Bluff To Be In SCC Hands.
Leigh Gullet topping out on LAG.
Hank Smith on Luther's Fury.
While many climbers in the South donít know much about Kings Bluff in Clarksville, TN is pretty special to the area. It is a limestone bluff overlooking the Cumberland River and is 30-60 feet on average. There are about 150-200 routes there, which is the largest crag for about 2.5 hours in any direction. It has had a rough history due to the local population trashing the place that has caused the owners and neighbors to close it down intermittently. Due to the hard work of local climbers and the INCREDIBLE generosity of the landowners, it looks like it will be donated to the SCC! At one time the lots above the bluffs were to be turned into high-end residential lots valued at $60,000 or so apiece. There are 5 lots left as well as the road/cul-de-sac and it looks like all of this will be donated to the SCC to manage and preserve.

We recently had an informative meeting at North Cumberland Outfitters in Clarksville to "rally the troops" so to speak on the issues at hand. If we were not able to work out an agreement with the owners, the crag was to be closed by June due to liability issues. The climbers came together and pledged $4500 on the spot to help acquire the land. The SCC and Access Fund both stepped in to help and found the owners willing to donate to an organization such as the SCC.

So, now the SCC will be in possession of Boatrock and King's Bluff in Clarksville and one of our members is working on purchasing much of Sandrock. There is a lot for us to do as an organization as we move into the arena of land acquisition and management.

Thanks to all the climbers from the Clarksville climbers club as well as Arno Ilgner, Doyle Parsons and especially Joey Redman and other locals for their continued involvement with the landowners. This would have never been possible if they had not built a relationship and shown what kind of people climbers are.

Paul Mitchell on Hat Pin With a Sledgehammer.
Ronnie Mitchell on Jurassic Room.

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