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Boat Rock to be on Local News 05.16.2002
Posted on Friday, March 19
by Robert

Climbing News
Chau Nugyen and Brad McLeod check out the smashed boulders across the street from Boat Rock.
A nice boulder was jack hammered into smithereens.
On Wednesday afternoon, May 15, Chau Nugyen a reporter with WGCL - CBS www.wgcltv.com News in Atlanta (Channel 46) visited Boat Rock to learn more about how we are trying to save the area from being destroyed. The 1 minute video clip was to show last night (Wednesday) but got bumped off by President Bush and the 911 issue. So chances are it will be showing tonight on the 11:00 news. We toured the boulders and they did a short interview with some climbing. Then they went across the street to view the devastation from the clear cutting, bulldozing and jack hammering of the boulders. If you get a chance and can stay up that late, check it out as hopefully it will be on tonight. They also said they will try to put it on their website as streaming video, so we will try to post a link up for viewing.

Brad McLeod

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