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Boat Rock Temporarily Closed 04.02.2002
Posted on Thursday, March 18
by Robert

Not that Boat Rock was ever really open access as we all climbed there by the graces of the private landowners. Boat Rock is currently closed to all climbers until liability concerns can be properly addressed. The lawyer representing the developer for the 220 acre tract (which is home to all the great boulders around the lake) has asked that all climbers sign a release form and that the SCC provide $1 million in liability insurance. Lawyers for the SCC are currently looking over the release form and insurance alternatives are being pursued. At this time, it is unsure where the SCC will find funding for the additional insurance policy due to the financial burdens of the 7.7 acre tract that is being purchased. A creative solution is needed to resolve this issue.
A photo of some of the destruction right across the road from the new property.
And while were speaking of bad news, we might as well wrench your guts with the ongoing destruction of boulders across the street from the 7.7 acre tract on Boat Rock Road. Large trac-hoe's equipped with jack hammers were last seen turning 10 foot tall boulders into driveway gravel. The killer splitter crack right next to the road is no more. And all of his stonehenge like brothers have taken the eternal sleep also. This is a stark reminder of what could have happened to the 7.7 acre tract had local climbers came to the rescue.

And now for the good news. We now have a contract on the 7.7 acre tract and plan on closing on June 1st. A ribbon cutting ceremony along with bbq, rock band and trail day are planned for Saturday, June 2nd, 2002. We will keep you posted as more details are formed.

We still have many hurdles to complete the purchase of Boat Rock to include securing liability insurance, a survey, a phase 1 environmental assessment and legal issues concerning zoning and liability. We are currently in need of a volunteer to help us complete the phase 1 assessment. If you have the abilities and a few extra hours, we are in need of your help. Email: mbmcleod@mindspring.com for info on how you can help with the purchase of Boat Rock.

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