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Graffiti removal efforts give new life to some of the South's most popular
Posted on Tuesday, May 17
by cody_roney

Trail Days
Graffiti has been a problem at some of the South's most popular climbing areas for many years. Volunteers have tried many different methods of removal, from painting over the graffiti to attempting to clean it off with chemicals. The chemicals didn't seem to work and painting over the graffiti was very time consuming and not effective for large scale projects. The graffiti removal efforts were put on hold for years, until recently when we decided to start researching products for graffiti.In 2015, SCC Executive Director, Cody Roney, went on a search to find a product that would work on the South's unique sandstone. After consulting with the Access Fund and other coalitions, a product called Elephant Snot seemed to be the best method. After conducting a few tests and seeing amazing results, we were determined to move forward with this exciting (and massive) project! With the help of a Cornerstone Conservation grant from The American Alpine Club and REI, the SCC quickly purchased graffiti removal supplies and got to work! We decided to focus our initial efforts at Hospital Boulders, Kings Bluff, and Sand Rock (now known as Cherokee Rock Village).

The Elephant Snot has produced incredible results at all three areas! The process is long and laborious, so it has taken at least 2 trail days/area...and we still aren't finished!

The SCC is working with other popular climbing destinations to get rid of the large amounts of graffiti. These areas include Moss Rock Preserve in Birmingham, AL, Currahee Mountain in Toccoa, GA, Signal Point in Signal Mountain, TN and others. Our hope is to see these graffiti removal efforts preserve our climbing areas by bringing them back to their natural state of beauty.

Check out this video created by the Access Fund Conservation Team from our first graffiti removal trail day at Cherokee Rock Village: Sand Rock Graffiti Removal Video

You can find more pictures on our Facebook page.
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