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Steele Trail Day 2014
Posted on Tuesday, April 15
by michael_wurzel

Trail Days

Steele Volunteers.

Thanks to a $5,000 grant from the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham as well as other funding sources, the crag of Steele in Steele, Alabama is getting some much needed improvements from hardworking SCC volunteers of the climbing community. Steele is a premiere trad and sport climbing crag situated on the east brow of Chandler Mountain, about 15 minutes from Horsepens 40 and Hospital Boulders. Acquired by the SCC 2009, Steele boasts 140+ high quality sandstone routes and a handful of great boulders.

First of all, gone is the dilapidated trailer that once sat adjacent to the parking area and now replacing it is a beautiful graded addition to the parking area and a breathtaking view of the Alabama countryside.

The trailer is gone, and in it's place, a beautiful view and potential camping or picnic spot in the future.

View from Steele.

There were two main focuses of the Trail Day. Improve the access trail to the Wolfe Wall and build a composting toilet to help manage human waste. There was a lot of work to be done, but with help from an extremely dedicated local crew and the Access Fund Jeep Conservation Team, both projects were completed throughout the day.

The Trail Day got kicked off with volunteers meeting the Access Fund Conservation Team in the parking lot in the morning for some breakfast and a raffle. Information from the kiosk was updated, and the volunteers broke into two groups to tackle the main projects of the day.

The first group tackled the staircase and trail maintenance to the Wolfe Wall. They built a stone staircase and supported the trail in another area with rock cribbing.

Hauling Rocks.

Putting stones in their place.

The staircase completed.

The crew testing out showing off their hard work.

Next, the other crew tackled the building of the much needed composting latrine. The site had been prepped with concrete footings, and it was incredible to see how fast the structure went up. This latrine will save the SCC hundreds of dollars annually in Port-o-Jon costs.

SCC carpenters led by master carpenter Will Eccleston can accomplish a lot in one day.

A special thanks to the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham for helping fund these much needed improvements to a world class climbing area in St. Clair County, Alabama.

Number of volunteers: 11
Hours Worked: 8
Total number of volunteer hours: 88
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