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2013 Float the Boat Results
Posted on Tuesday, February 05
by michael_wurzel

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FTB Photo Competition Winner by Carmen Morgan

As a reward for last year weather-postponed competition, the climbing gods blessed our 2013 Float The Boat Bouldering Competition with near-perfect weather. Almost 100 competitors and plenty of spectators joined us for a day of friendly competition and celebration of the permanent preservation of Boat Rock. In all, the SCC raised $4,000 in proceeds from the event, which will be used to maintain protected areas like Boat Rock and work toward acquiring new areas.Below are a list of the winners.

1. Zach Galla
2. Jamie Dunlavy
3. Helen Stephens

Beginner - Men
1. Tim Lacay
2. Mark O’Neil
3. Jordan Mitchell

Beginner - Women
1. Julia Watson
2. Kate Dearborn
3. Angie Langevin

Intermediate - Men
1. Colin Hartley
2. Michael Fieldman
3. Chris Carer

Intermediate - Women
1. Mandi Rhoden
2. Andrea Kinsman
3. K.P. Peress

Advanced - Men
1. Jeffrey Brown
2. Luke Alford
3. Zachary Lesch-Huie

Advanced - Women
1. Amanda Hoppers

Open - Men
1. Ryan Copeland
1. Andrew Minnick
2. Joshua Reyes
3. Juan Montoya

Geriatric - Men
1. Fernando Paulete
1. Greg Berry
2. Stan Glass
3. Brad Caldwell

Geriatric - Women
1. Tracy Meazell
2. Linda Dunlavy
3. K. Ann Berry

1. Jason Plemmons
2. Stephen Mellean
3. Breneman Whitfield

1. Julie Reed
2. Robyn Tesauro
3. Christina Parkhurst

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