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Steele Trail Day Writeup- April 2012
Posted on Wednesday, April 25
by TVA

Trail Days
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On a beautiful Saturday morning, April 21st, 2012, about 10 volunteers joined the Southeastern Climbers Coalition and the Access Fund for a trail day at Steele.

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gathering rocks for rock staircase


Newly finished staircase

Trail improvements

The Access Fund's Jeep Conservation (Dave and Kyle) were in the lead as we focused on the Wolf Wall trail. By mid afternoon, under Dave and Kyle's tutelage we created a beautiful section of trail mid way up to Wolf Wall that even the ticks, chiggers and poison ivy had to be impressed by!! Thanks to all who came and helped out!!

List of Attendees:

1. Bob
2. Sammy Raviv
3. Kyle Murphy
4. Dave Montgomery
5. Adele Gant
6. Serenity Gant
7. Matthew Gant
8. Allison Williams
9. Sam Eccleston
10. Will Eccleston
11. Sabrina McClain
12. Bernard Wolf
13. Kathrin? (mom)
14. Hudson
15. Hudson's brother

# of volunteers = 15
# of hours = 3
Total volunteer hours = 45
Total dollars spent = $100 (food/prizes)
Total dollars raised = $35 (AF membership)

Note: Thanks goes out to Access Fund, REI, PMI, and Jtreelife.com for supporting this Trail Day!

article written by Sammy Raviv
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