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Steele Trail Day Rocks It!
Posted on Monday, October 31
by Will_Eccleston

Trail Days
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By Brad McLeod:
The Steele trail day went great with about 30 climbers showing up to help out and enjoy the perfect fall weather. Climbers showed up from Birmingham to Atlanta and all parts in between to show their love for this awesome crag.As we drove up to Steele we all remarked about the new grading and parking area that Gene Hood recently completed. Over the summer the road got a few ruts in it and it was time for a little heavy equipment and dirt pushin'. Once the dust settles we will pretty it up with some gravel and grass seed so y'all Atlanta folks in your Toyota Prius can stop having to park at the bottom of the hill.

After a few handshakes and hugs and "I ain't seen you in a spell" the climbers went to work with weed-eaters and loppers to trim back the grass and mimosa trees around the trailer and shed. Michael Pierce ran the weed eater like a pro while the Atlanta Rocks climbing team ducked for cover.

A group of trail-masters led by Sammy Raviv, David Hemphill and Ben Lyon loaded up backpacks with heavy tools and set out to fix the steep sections leading to the Wolfe Wall. This hardcore crew worked till well after lunch and moved a lot of Stone to make carefully crafted steps. Next time you walk up to the Wolfe wall thank these men for their efforts.

Said Ben: "We had our resident Civil Engineer and his dog nearby for consultation and a healthy supply of stone setters....not to mention more than enough tools. There were two or three or four crews of step-builders at work at one point or another."

As the sun moved past it's high point climbers did what climbers do - head up the hill to touch the stone and reconnect with their friends and the crag they love called Steele. A great day to be a part of another Southern climbing access success story.

Again from Ben: "Steele season is upon us. Late-Fall/Winter is prime time to be climbing at Steele. Cracks, roofs, faces, aretes....hidden gems, old and new.....great positions....spectacular views....easy approaches. All this work should be enjoyed. I know I appreciate it and look forward to this fresh climbing season in the SouthEast. Everyone be safe, have fun, and climb a lot."

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