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Float The Boat, More on Boat Rock, Cooper Roberts' new video. 11.29.2001
Posted on Monday, March 15
by Robert

Feature Article
The Southeastern Climbers Coalition's effort to save Boat Rock gets even more positive exposure with the timely release of Cooper Roberts' new video "Float the Boat."
Here is Brad McLeod crank'n hard at Boat Rock and showing off his "caught knuckle" in a still shot from Cooper's video "Float The Boat."
Brad stops for a moment to explain to the camera why saving Boat Rock is so important.
Featured for most of the movie is Brad McLeod, VP of the Southeastern Climbing Coalition, along with his dog who just can't get over Brad's obsession with climbing when she just wants to play fetch. Is this hardcore, 30's something climber's feature in the video an awesome attempt to save Boat Rock, or a vile plan to break the hearts all of the female climbers throughout the world? (Sorry ladies, Brad is married) Also appearing in the film are several other hard crankn', friciton problem slappn', local Atlanta climbers climbing some some hard problems and projects.

Go see the video already and decide for your self...it was featured at climbXmedia.com on the 26th of November.

More seriously now, with the upcoming Boat Rock trail day and Barbecue on the 8th of December and the recently released video from Cooper Roberts featured on climbXmedia, titled "Float the Boat," one might wonder what all of the fuss is about. Boat Rock is a ridge lined with boulders near Boat Rock Road, just southwest of Atlanta, GA. It is a natural resource that Atlanta and the climbing community are in danger of loosing for good, (see "Saving Boat Rock, one of the past Access Articles for more info on the purposed development.)

You might say to yourself, wow, isn't there anything that can be done to stop the destruction of any more of the boulders. Featured in another Access Article, "Boat Rock Property for Sale," from September 18th of this year, is the story of what the Southeastern Climbers Coalition is trying to do. So far a group of local climbers have been approved for a loan to purchase the property with the intention of turning it into a public park for future access to the boulders on the tract.

To help the climbers that secured the loan, the Southeastern Climbers Coalition has setup a PayPal account so that anyone that wants to help can. If you would like to donate money towards the purchase of the 7.7 acre tract, please click here to go to the SCC's donations page and scroll down until you see the donation button for Boat Rock.

For more information about the Boat Rock area, the 7.7 acre tract, or access issues concerning Boat Rock, contact Brad McLeod @ mbmcleod@mindspring.com.

Below are some captures from Cooper Roberts' "Float the Boat" video:

Greg Kottcamp Sending Titanic at Boat Rock Greg Kottcamp Still Sending Titanic at Boat Rock
Cooper Roberts slappn' hard friction at Boat Rock More slapping on some hard friction at Boat Rock
Brad sending Cormany Slab More hard friction slappn'
Some delicate face climbing. There is also some small nub pinchin' to be had
Brad sending on the Watermelon Brad ready to top-out

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