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Boat Rock Purchase Battles Through Paperwork 10.10.2001
Posted on Friday, March 12
by Robert

Climbing News
The potential purchase of the 7.7 acre tract on Boat Rock Road in southwest Atlanta is getting closer as the details of the bank loan are worked out. A group of local climbers have signed their collective lives away in order to secure this climbing gem. But additional partners are needed to co-sign on the note and solidify the deal. We currently need your financial support to make this happen. Interested parties should contact mbmcleod@mindspring.com for additional details.
Ashley McLeod laying back on a splitter at Boat Rock.
Climbers on one of the multitude of good lines on the Boat Rock Boulders.
This is what one of the destroyed boulders looks like, imagine what the others will look like when they are destroyed.
This past weekend, Michael Crowder invaded the outdoor expo in Gwinnett County for some fundraising and hob-nobbing with the Mt. Everest team. Michael explained that the event was not at full capacity due to the recent terrorism threats and that fundraising was not optimal. But in typical fashion, the ever vibrant "Yonah Mike" was able to expose the "Save Boat Rock" idea to many people and it is our hope that many new contributors will arise in the coming weeks. For additional pictures and some other info, See Michael's page on Boat Rock at www.coolclimbing.com.

On another note, a video is currently being filmed by wunderkid Cooper Roberts. Cooper is the driving force behind the bouldering videos "Soul" and "The Season", which has footage of Boat Rock and can be seen on www.climbxmedia.com. The new video will focus on the climbing at Boat Rock to generate additional publicity on the area. The video will be shown before local slide shows, given to preservation groups to view and placed on www.climbxmedia.com for maximum exposure.

If you can't or don't have the time to get involved in the fight to save Boat Rock you can still help. We have set up a paypal account through which you can donate money towards the Boat Rock Cause. The link is at the bottom of our donations page. You can get there by clicking here.




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