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Kings Bluff Dedication (07.03.2003)
Posted on Friday, March 19
by Robert

Hank Smith on Luther's Fury
Paul Mitchell on Hat Pin With A Sledge Hammer
The dedication of Kings Bluff and all that has happened surrounding it over the past few years is an event that holds great significance. In 2002, a large and beautiful piece of land in Clarksville, TN, containing almost 200 routes on a limestone cliff, was DONATED to the climbing community! The land had once been very troubled due to vandalism, but through cooperation between the climbers and the owners, the area has been cleaned up. This is of great significance because this type of generosity and trust is so rare in a society that focuses so intensely on "what's in it for me". The whole situation begs the question, "how is this type of generosity possible"?

The evening of the dedication was one of those perfect moments at the bluff with cool air and a gentle breeze as the sun was setting. The day had seen 60-70 climbers gathered to enjoy this urban crag overlooking the Cumberland River. This was the atmosphere in which the Lyttle's experienced for the first time the feeling of the area from the vantage point of a climber. As they stood at the base of the cliff watching someone work a route while listening to the sounds of the river in the background, you could see by the look on their faces that they knew that something very special had happened here and that they were a part of it. It was at that moment that Drane Lyttle expressed that she now knew that donating this land was something they were "meant to do". All I can say is that this comment left me in AWE! The realization that rose out of that moment was that if we were "meant" to have this land then we are also "meant" to take care of it, but more than that we are meant to do something with it. This kind of generosity and trust can only be matched by an equal level of responsibility in return. What happens with this land is up to us now. We have been given the chance to show what we are capable of in creating a beautiful, natural and well groomed climbing area, a pride to all who see it. I only hope this feeling is shared by all climbers and that as a result of what has happened here in Clarksville we can feel good about ourselves in this process and have a new awareness of what is possible.

The property is now owned and managed by the Southeastern Climbers Coalition.
- Doyle Parsons
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