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Spring 2015 Board Meeting
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Board meeting attendees
SCC Board Meeting Minutes- April 11, 2015
Zachary Lesch-Huie took minutes.

Meeting started at 6:30 pm Meeting ended at 9:15 pm


Jason Plemmons – board member
Lauren Plemmons – SCC volunteer
Blake Salmony – SCC board member
Becca Mabius – SCC intern
Julie Reed – SCC board member
Kurt Brode – SCC board member
Chad Wykle – SCC board member
Cody Roney – SCC Exec. Dir.
Matthew Gant – SCC President
Zachary Lesch-Huie – Access Fund staff

Directors Update
Strong fundraising income since January 2015 ($30,000 as of board meeting). Tallahassee Rock Gym made a major donation. Rock & Rave was also very successful, and planning is underway for 2016. Board discussed the future of R&R as an independent event. Float the Boat was successful and had largest turnout ever. Membership is strong and we have approximately 850 members; Cody estimates retention is around 700 members. Board discussed method for counting membership. Conservation Legacy has identified donor candidates for an ask; further follow up by the board is needed. Suggestion to add Legacy fund donation option to main membership/donate webpage. Discussion of email communications and newsletter.

Climbing Area Updates
Zachary provided update on Chattanooga-area projects.
Action items: site visit to Lookout Land Conservancy boulders. Report back to SCC on TN River Gorge Trust property determination on T Wall property.

Sandrock land managers want to build better relationship with climbers. Park has made outreach to SCC. A proposed observation deck may threaten some popular rock climbs. Action: Jason and Cody to make outreach to the climber-board member on the county park board to further guide better park management.

Jason provided update on Boatrock and discussed need for asphalt/pothole repair where SCC lot and driveway meets the paved highway. Action: reach out to city or county to ask about road repair. Botany group reached out to Jason regarding plants and lack of invasives on Boat Rock property. They’re also interested in placing plant placards as educational/interpretive signs around the park. Action: continue planning with botany group. Lastly, a group reached out about a possible fun run on Boat Rock property. Action: continue discussion with fun run group.

Cody provided Hospital Boulders update. First Ave. Rocks is covering the cost of a new dumpster at Hospital Boulders. Second, there’s a need for people to park on grass up on the hill to beat the grass down. Lastly, Joe from First Ave. Rocks asked about a combo lock for the gate. Cody will contact Josh Reyes and Joe Ortega to make sure all other property owners are aware of the combo lock and have the combination before the lock is set.

Prentice-Cooper State Forest update and discussion. Regarding T Wall, Kurt discussed need for toilet at parking lot and possibly up at the cliff. Toilet designs and WAG bags were discussed. Action: further planning and discussion by SCC; WAG bags may be the best starter solution and SCC could temporarily provide WAG bags to climbers via a dispenser. Discussed bolting issue at Edwards Point, and possible unpermitted bolted routes. Kurt provided Sunset update. There are private concerns about impacts and vandalism at park. Kurt has been hired by private party to do a study on impacts at Sunset. The purpose of the study is to convince the park to do more resource management.

Matthew provided Steele update. A landowner for a private portion of Steele is closing their portion of the cliff and has asked SCC to post boundary of property where SCC land meets their land. SCC will post boundary. Board discussed the need to educate the climbing community on SCC’s property boundaries and post signage on SCC property, as well as appropriate behavior.

Cody discussed recent donations from partners: $800 was donated by the Atlanta Climbing Club for Jamestown and Steele. $500 was donated from the Solid Rock Climbers for Christ from the Chandler Mountain Challenge. $4500 was donated from Tallahassee Rock Gym for their annual Save the South Comp, making TRG the leading climbing gym partner for the SCC.

Cody provided update on Verizon company grant from Verizon employee. Cody asked board to look for companies that have employee grant programs.

Next Meeting
Matthew and Cody will discuss with the board through email the location of the Fall Board meeting.

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Kings Bluff Spring Trail Day 2015
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The wonderful volunteers!
March 28, 2015- It was a cold start to an awesome trail day at King Bluff in Clarksville, TN. Volunteers helped clean up the parking lot and surrounding area. Almost the entire group helped spread mulch down the top half of the trail. The mulch helps keep the dust down during the dry summer months! A smaller group of volunteers worked hard on clearing the lower by-pass trail (look for the new sign)! At the top of the bluff Scotty cut a run off ditch to help lower erosion of the trail, as well as other trail work and erosion prevention! Though the day started out cold, those volunteers who could stay to climb enjoyed an awesome day of climbing.

A huge thanks goes out to the volunteers who participated in the King Bluff Trail Day!

Article: Rebecca Mabius

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Sandrock Spring Trail Day 2015
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The new pavilion at Sandrock
The weather was wonderful for a day outside. We had about 30 volunteers and several bags of trash were pulled out of the crag. The event raised over $100 for the SCC and a much deserving crag was treated to some love. A big thank you to Leann Hill for being our voice with the county!

No one is sure how but several Easter eggs were found throughout the crag with notes directing people to the SCC booth… Some instant winners and raffle tickets were found inside the plastic eggs as well. Maybe it was an Easter Bunny warm up?

Another thanks to all the volunteers that took time out of their Saturday to come clean up this wonderful Alabama crag! And a thank you to Michael Cox and Michelle Connell for organizing a great trail day!
Article: Michael Cox

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Tennessee Wall Trail Day- Fall 2014
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Working hard on a rainy day at TWall
Cloudy, rainy weather makes for a great day to do trail work at your local crag. This past Saturday saw some solid stewardship work up at Tennessee Wall. Local Chattanooga climber Rick Mcusic put together an SCC-Access Fund Adopt a Crag to remove downed trees and do some trail work. It was a small group, but a perfect size for the main project--a badly eroded and washed out section of trail between the classic Hungry for Heaven 5.10 and routes like Centerfold 5.10 and Precious Orr 5.10. The group built a heavy duty stone wall to reinforce part of the trail, then bench cut trail across the steep slope to ensure it can handle plenty of climbers and heavy rains. Cheers to Rick and the volunteers who came out--and the incredible lunch delivery service (Rick's wife and son) who hiked all the way up the hill to deliver sandwiches. Keep your ear to the ground for the next T Wall trail day.

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Boat Rock Trail Day- Fall 2014
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Some of the awesome volunteers psyched to get started
Southeastern Climbers Coalition Boat Rock Trail Day

Atlanta – Saturday November 15th – approximately 50 volunteers met on a beautiful fall morning at Boatrock for a trail day. The purpose of the trail day was to improve the overall user experience by improving existing trails, creating new trails, installing custom benches at several locations throughout the park, and removing any debris from the tops of boulders. Through the efforts of the Boatrock Crew, the Southeastern Climbers Coalition, The Access Fund, and the support of R.E.I and with a great deal of preparation and logistic planning, this day was also punctuated by two professional climbers Angie Payne and Paige Classen putting in trail work as well as putting down some of the areas test pieces, including the ever so popular paint can sit V9, and the ultra classic and historically significant problem that Ron Caulk put up back in the early 80s, Dishes V6!

Throughout the day the crew managed to line all of the existing trails with dead saplings and the like, giving the trail system a much needed and esthetically pleasing update. In addition to the trails looking better two local climbers , Kelly Dalton and Dylan Valvo, installed a rock stair system remove a long standing precarious down climb.

Luis Casillas, a local high school teacher was so enthused to bring his students to Boatrock and have them experience the community as well as expose them to rock climbing, that he contacted the Southeastern Climbers Coalition and really became the catalyst for this awesome trail day. Luis brought a group of very helpful, inquisitive, and fun young adults that were huge help, and they are surely to return!

We were also very fortunate to have had the help of several local cinematographers as well as photographers to help capture the day and immortalize the experience forever through media. Be on the lookout for several videos in the near future. Images from the day have been uploaded to the Boatrock Trail Day Facebook page:

A very big thanks goes out to all of our volunteers, The Access Fund, and a huge THANK YOU is well deserved by our friends and our long-standing supporter REI for their continued support of not only the efforts at Boatrtock but also for their support of all of the trail days and properties owned, managed, or leased by the Southeastern Climbers Coalition.

Article written by Boat Rock rep and SCC board member, Jason Plemmons. Huge thanks to Mike Huckabee and Jason Plemmons for putting this trail day together!

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Hospital/High Rocks, AL
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