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Kings Bluff Graffiti Removal Project
Kings Bluff is one of the SCC's oldest owned crags. Located in Clarksville, TN, on the Cumberland River, Kings Bluff has some of the best views around. The area has historically been visited by locals who have trashed the area. Because of the ease of access to lake swimming, teenagers and adults alike swarm the area on hot summer days, some of them respecting the natural beauty, others leaving a permanent mark.
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Sand Rock Earth Day Trail Day
Sand Rock Graffiti Removal Trail Day- April 23, 2016

The SCC teamed up with Cherokee Rock Village to host the second graffiti removal trail day! For over 20 years the historic and beloved Alabama crag has been littered with trash and graffiti. The SCC has worked for years to keep the area clean to no avail. Finally, the County decided to do something about it and turned the area into a community park. Sand Rock’s name has since changed to Cherokee Rock Village and now hosts a pavilion, bathrooms and a playground, but for climbers Sand Rock will always be the roadside Alabama crag.

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Foster Falls Spring 2016 Trail Day
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Before and After of Jimmywood area.
Photo Credit: Elizabeth and Chris Barton
On May 14th, the SCC, Access Fund, South Cumberland State Park, and Solid Rock – Climbers for Christ teamed up for a trail day at Foster Falls. Ranger John Ball and Chip and Lindsey from the Access Fund Conservation Team worked with over 20 volunteers on seven hours hard at work on two sections of trail. Group one spent their time fixing up a heavily eroded portion of trail near Climbers’ Access 2. The ground was leveled out and large stones strategically placed to build the foundation for a natural staircase. There is more work to be done on this section, but the foundation has now been laid.

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Graffiti removal efforts give new life to some of the South's most popular
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Before and After of Jimmywood area.
Photo Credit: Elizabeth and Chris Barton
Graffiti has been a problem at some of the South's most popular climbing areas for many years. Volunteers have tried many different methods of removal, from painting over the graffiti to attempting to clean it off with chemicals. The chemicals didn't seem to work and painting over the graffiti was very time consuming and not effective for large scale projects. The graffiti removal efforts were put on hold for years, until recently when we decided to start researching products for graffiti.

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Climbing Stewardship Initiative comes to Birmingham region
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Photo: Tim Foote
Access Fund, the national advocacy organization that protects America’s climbing, and Southeastern Climbers Coalition (SCC) are excited to launch a three-year stewardship initiative to improve rock climbing areas in the greater Birmingham, Alabama region. Named The Greater Birmingham Climbing Resource Improvement Project, the initiative will target four climbing areas in the region: Moss Rock Preserve, Trussville Boulders, Palisades Park, and Steele.

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Hospital/High Rocks, AL
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