February 15 – March 15


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To register:

1. Download the KAYA app and create an account

2. Register at

Youth Competition (ages 12 & under) at here

3. After locating the event in the KAYA app, finish registration by clicking JOIN CHALLENGE”

4. Review & Complete the SCC EVENT WAIVER below

5. Review the COMP RULES listed at the bottom of this page

5. Log your sends and upload videos KAYA APP


I assume all risk of personal injury, including death and damage to myself, and damage to my personal property sustained while at or participating in the “Float the Boat” & “The Sickness” 2021 Bouldering Competition and associated events (hereinafter referred to as the “Event”) or sustained on the Event grounds and property, and hereby waive, release, discharge, and hold harmless the Southeastern Climbers Coalition, Inc., the Southeastern Climbers Coalition Land Trust, Inc., and their respective directors, officers, employees, agents, volunteers, members, sponsors, and promoters (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Releasees”), from any and all liability for any injury, death, or damages suffered to myself or my property while at the Event or on the Event grounds or property, regardless whether or not due to negligence of the Releasees. 

I acknowledge that by signing this document, I am agreeing to indemnify, not to sue and release from liability the Releasees, and that I am giving up substantial legal rights. This release is a contract with legal and binding consequences and it applies to all climbing, bouldering, spotting, hiking, scrambling, spectating or volunteering activities at this Event. I have read it carefully before signing, and I understand what it means and what I am agreeing to by signing. I acknowledge that climbing, bouldering, spotting are inherently dangerous activities and fully realize the dangers of participating in this Event and fully assume the risks associated with such participation. 

I accept responsibility for the condition and adequacy of my equipment, any equipment provided for my use, and my conduct in connection with the Event. 

I agree to indemnify and hold the Releasees harmless from and against any and all actions, suits, claims, demands, causes of action, proceedings, losses, costs and expenses including and without limitation all attorney fees and disbursements, damages, liability and fines or penalties in any way arising out of, or relating to, or connected with directly or indirectly, regardless of whether there is active or passive negligence or fault on the part of the Releasees. 

I understand that I may be photographed or videoed and agree to allow my photo or video to be used for any purpose by the Releasees, without any requirement of compensation, as they see fit. 

Event Liability Waiver

This is required to participate in the 2023 Climbing Participant Events.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY



  1. Videos must be uploaded to the KAYA app in order to confirm your send. We will have a panel of volunteers review all video uploads to verify the problem is completed as identified in the guidebook and marked on the label.
  2. All problems are marked on the rock with a label indicating the problem’s map location, name, description, and point value. They are also listed in the KAYA app.  If you notice a label is missing, please send us a message at INFO@SECLIMBERS.ORG
  3. All problems top out unless otherwise noted. 
  4. Some problems have boundaries – please be aware and do not cross!
  5. Be aware of specific instructions to start a problem – listed on the label or in the guidebook. 
  6. In case of a tie, we  will tally up your next two highest point problems and continue until we have a clear winner. If you have identical scorecards, we will revert back to the original point system for The Sickness to determine a winner.
  7. You must top out all problems. You can not do the crux more and jump off. Dab’s (touching a foot) and jump/run starts do not count unless the problem specifically calls for a jump start.
  8. DO NOT BOULDER WITHOUT A SPOTTER. If you do not have a spot pad or group, find one!
  9. FOLLOW CDC GUIDELINES AT ALL TIMES. Maintain a safe distance from other climbers at all times – if someone is working a problem or boulder, find a different spot to climb until they are done. Wear a mask while spotting or in close proximity with others that do not live in your household.
  10. SANDBAGGING. If you climb more than two climbs above your category, you will be bumped to the next category up. If you do not complete climbs within your category, you will be bumped to the category below.


You will choose a category upon registering for the competition and joining the challenge in the KAYA App. See grades below.

  1. IRON MAN/MAIDEN:  Complete as many boulder problems during the month in any v-grade. Highest points wins!
  2. MOST POINTS: Complete as many boulder problems during the month in your designated category (youth, beginner, intermediate, advanced, open, or rock gods).  Highest points for your TOP TEN HARDEST CLIMBS wins!
  3. BEST SESSION: Complete as many boulder problems in a single session in your designated category (youth, beginner, intermediate, advanced, open, or rock gods). Highest points for your TOP TEN HARDEST CLIMBS wins!
  4. To enter best session: Begin recording your session using the KAYA app. Log all of the climbs you complete in a day. End your session before the end of the day to be eligible. Upload videos then share your session in the KAYA app to SCC @SECLIMBERS
  5. Categories for The Sickness:

YOUTH*: Ages 12 & under (all grades)






ROCK GODS: Ages 45 & Up (All grades)

*Youth register separately by selecting “The Sickness – Youth Competition”