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Escalade Boat Rock Party Was Happening 05.20.2002
Posted on Friday, March 19
by Robert

Brain Swan sticks some hard throws in the dyno comp.
Cooper Roberts (left) and Cathy and Robert Smith caught discussing the finer points of climbing at Boat Rock.
Over 50 local climbers showed up for the Boat Rock Party at Escalade Climbing Gym www.escaladegym.com in Kennesaw, Georgia on friday, May 11, 2002. With music blaring and young climbers milling around the night got started with an action packed dyno contest. Chris Sierzant picked out the holds and the young mutants flung themselves against the plywood and plastic with abandon. The crowd got a huge kick out of the mayhem. A slew of videos followed with Wes Powell's Cranky, along with Coop Roberts "Float the Boat", "Save Horsepens" and "Splash Out". Overall the event turned out well with several hundred dollars raised and a good time had by all. Special thanks to the Sierzants for hosting the event at their rad new gym. Brad McLeod
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