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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)



Volunteer Coordinator: Cody Roney cody@seclimbers.org

General Inquiries:
President: Julie Reed- juliemichelle.reed@gmail.com
Vice President:  
Secretary: Josh Reyes - reyes13@cableone.net
Treasurer: Joseph Goetz -    
2017 Board Members: Julie Reed, Dave Wilson, Jason Plemmons, Bernard Wolfe, Scott Perkins, Kirk Brode, Josh Reyes
Honorary Board Members: Truly Bracken, Chris Watford, Bernard Wolfe, Lee Means, Lance Brock, Brad McLeod, Michelle Connell, Paul Morley
Legal issues: Dave Wilson - dwilson@hplegal.com
Legal issues: Gus Fontenot - gusLF100@aol.com
SCC Membership: Cody Roney - cody@seclimbers.org
SCC T-shirts and Gear: Cody Roney- cody@seclimbers.org
Area Reps  
Moss Rock Preserve: Lee Means - leemeans@gmail.com
Tennessee Wall: Kirk Brode - Foster Falls: Allison Stowers- allisonstowers@gmail.com Little Rock City: Chad Wykle - chadwykle@yahoo.com Sunset Rock: Chuck Weber - cweber@pmirope.com Rocktown (GA):   Lost Wall (GA):   Boat Rock (GA): Jason Plemmons - - jwho2004@gmail.com Sand Rock (AL): Michael Cox - - michael.cox.scc@gmail.com     Property Managers   Boat Rock: Boat Rock -Jason Plemmons jwho2004@gmail.com

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