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  Achievement Awards received by the SCC

  Achievement Awards received by the SCC

Recipient of Volunteer Service Award from Chickamauga and Chattanooga Military Park for trail work at Sunset Rock. The SCC's name was added to a permanent plaque hanging in Chickamauga Visitor Center for volunteers with commitments of over 1000 hours. June 9, 2009.

Recipient of Volunteer Service Award from the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park for the Landscape Rehabilitation of Sunset Rock. April, 27, 2000.

Recipient of the State of Tennessee’s Governors Award during Foster Falls “Climber’s Appreciation Day”, December 10, 1999.

Recipient of award from the Town of Sand Rock, Alabama declaring March 28, 1999 as Southeastern Climbers Coalition Day for their efforts to preserve and maintain our natural resources at Cherokee Rock Village.

Sharp End Award from the Access Fund, 2000 - 2001.

Recipient of the Governors Award from Alabama PALS (People Against a Littered State) on November 17, 1999 for our continued efforts to cleanup the Sand Rock climbing area.

Recipient of Certificate of Appreciation from the Access Fund, October 9, 1999 for commitment and dedication for promoting the Access Fund’s mission.

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