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Shaking Rock

Lexington, GA

Awsome granite climbing.

Bennett Evers gets his slope on. Photo: Ryan McCrary.

1225 South Milledge Ave, Athens GA

Shaking Rock is a small state park in the middle of the small town of Lexington, Georgia and about 45 minutes out of Athens. This area is named for a huge rock that can be shaken by the force of your hand. A quick survey of the bouldering area will seem very much similar to Boat Rock, in Atlanta. Large, egg-shaped granite boulders, some stacked on top of each other. It's not nearly as big as most bouldering areas, and most of the rocks are considerably small, however, there is some quality stuff.

Shaking Rock has been described before as 'Boat Rock without the texture', a very fitting title. For the most part the granite looks and feels like boat rock. Many of the problems are short, with tricky mantles. When you pull into the parking lot, chances are you wont see a great deal of cars, but about 20 yards from your car, you'll see the granite boulders. There aren't hundreds of rocks, but the ones that are there are super-concentrated, all within a stone's throw. You can boulder all day without putting your pad on your back, or even taking your shoes off. There are enough boulders however to keep you busy for a day or two. There are also a few boulders across the creek and up the hill. Some highlights include the shaking rock stacked on another rock, the 'balancing' breadloaf rock, and the interesting texture of 'the brain'.

The park also has benches and picnic tables on the 'table rock'. Aside from the graffiti under the shaking rock, this is a very nice place to spend a day, and an ideal area for UGA students.

No one knows when climbing first started at Shaking Rock as many a college student from the University of Georgia has migrated over to sample the compact granite. To date, the infamous boulder problem "Urban Legend" has been surrounded with lore and legend. Rumors abound that the problem was sent by Chris Sharma during a recent stayover in Atlanta. But years before, someone swore they saw a local farmer climb it trying to retrieve one of his chickens that had flown the coop. If you are out there; look for a high handhold on a tall boulder and look up into the blue sky.... and dream on.....

Directions: Drive through the town of Lexington (small town) heading east and look for a small sign on your right (very small sign). Turn right and go to the end of the cul-de-sac. Boulders are up on the hill. Park closes at dark. Be respectful and haul any trash out you see.

For a Shaking Rock topo from the old bouldering comp in 94' and additional photos check out the Shaking Rock photo gallery at: CLick Here for Shaking Rock photo gallery

A bouldering comp was put on every year back in the 1990's by:
Charbon's Outfitters
Athens GA
(706) 548-7225Photos and text by Ryan McCrary - pawnclimbing.com

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Published on: 2009-01-06 (6809 reads)
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