The Southeastern Climbers Coalition
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General Inquiries:


Executive Director: Cody Roney -

President: Matthew Gant -
Vice President: Gus Fontenot -
Secretary: Josh Reyes
Treasurer: Joseph Goetz -
Sgt-at-Arms: Michael Crowder

2015 Board Members: David Wilson, Gus Fontenot, Jason Plemmons, Michelle Connell, Chad Wykle, Kirk Brode, Josh Reyes, Matthew Gant, Julie Reed, Blake Salmony, Scott Perkins, Bernard Wolfe

Honorary Board Members:Truly Bracken, Chris Watford, Bernard Wolfe, Lee Means, Lance Brock, Brad McLeod, Paul Morley

Legal Issues:
Gus Fontenot -

SCC Newsletter: Cody Roney -
SCC T-shirts and Gear: Cody Roney -
Volunteer Coordinator: Cody Roney -
Grants Coordinator: Cody Roney -

SCC Land Trust Property Managers:

Boat Rock, GA: Jason Plemmons -
Kings Bluff, TN: Wesley "Scott" Griggs -
Jamestown, AL: Scott Perkins -
Yellow Bluff, AL: Seeking volunteer for this position
Steele, AL: Seeking volunteer for this position,
Deep Creek, TN: John Dorough -
Hospital Boulders, AL: Josh Ryes -

Climbing Area Reps:

Moss Rock Preserve: Lee Means -
Tennessee Wall: Kirk Brode -
Foster Falls: Nick Giordano -
Leda: Daniel Cartwright -
Stone Fort/Little Rock City: Chad Wykle -
Sunset Rock: Luis Rodriguez -
Rocktown: Arian Bates -
Lost Wall: Michael Stitcher-
Sand Rock: Leann Hill -
Sand Rock: Michael Cox -
Tallulah Gorge: Jeff Mekolites -
Zahnd: Brad Holroyd -

City and State Reps:

Middle Tennessee: Blake Salmony -
NE Tennessee: Frank Harvey -
NE Georgia: Jeff Mekolites -
Alabama: Michael Cox-

If you are interested in volunteering for or becoming a representative of the Southeastern Climbers Coalition, please contact us at .

Thanks for your interest in helping the SCC.

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Published on: 2006-02-04 (31967 reads)
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