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Pot Point Boulders

King's Gambit at the Fortress

Sudden Death at the Fortress area
Pot Point Map with bouldering areas

Pot Point Boulders Information
Historically know for great hiking and views of the Tennessee River, Pot Point also offers hundreds of great boulder problems. Recent discovery of the areas potential has opened another option for those looking for something new. Solid sandstone and a great variety of grades make this area a place for everyone. Development of the area was largely done by Micah Gentry, Matthew Gant and Dave Andrews and while their efforts brought about alot of problems, the area is still full of problems.

Recommended Boulder Problems
Aura V2 Drama Queen V3 Napolean Dynamite V2 Pootie Tang V5 Ka Taka Taka V0 Holy War V5 its cool to pee in your pants V5 Classic that was V4 Forty Licks V4 Rite of Passage V2 Trogdor the burninator V5 Kings Gambit V6 Love Handles V4 and many more

Suggested Tips for Bouldering at Pot Point: * Always be courteous and cooperative when dealing with any Park officials * Respect the land * Don't leave your trash or signs of your visit * Camping is free at Davis Pond and the check in station outside the PC gates. Do not camp anwhere else * Speak up when you witness someone else jeopardizing access * No drugs or alcohol. * No excessive cleaning of boulders or areas below boulders. Do not change the appearance of this wild area. * Keep tabs on your dog and their actions. Don't let them dig or chase wildlife. * Keep your stuff together adn out of the way of trails and boulder problems. * Pack out all trash (and any you see) from the crag. Help keep it clean.
Please click here to download a topo from DrTopo
If you have questions about Pot Point contact; Micah Gentry - micahgentry@gmail.com
Emergency: Cell phone reception has always been great at the Pot Point Boulders. Rangers should be called as well as 911 in teh event of an emergency as gates might have to be opened or aid given to medical personel in finding you. Rangers: 423-634-3091 and 423-658-5551.

Driving Directions:
From Chattanooga: Take Hwy 27N from Downtown Chatty- Take Signal Mtn. exit towards Signal Mtn- Turn left on Suck Creek Road (US27N) and follow it up Suck Creek Canyon. Atop the Canyon turn left at the brown Prentice Cooper sign. Follow the brown Prentice Cooper signs (1 more turn) until inside the main gated Prentice Cooper area. Once inside the gate, go 6.5 miles down the main road (Tower Road). Turn left onto Davis Pond. After .3mi park at Davis Pond parking lot next to pond. Park at Davis Pond if roads are closed. Or you can continue past pond and bear right at fork and go another 0.8 mile to obvious cul-de-sac. This pulloff is marked "P" on the map. From here, hike to Pot Point Trail (see map) for Sandtown area. For Alpha area, follow road another 0.2 miles and you'll see it on your right.

GPS Coordinates (numbers match map) of key areas: 1. Davis Pond- Park here if the road is closed. North 35deg 4.918min West 85deg 25.8min 2. Main parking lot. Quick access from here to Sandtown/Precious/Alpha North 35deg 4.326min West 85deg 25.4min 3. From 2, Hike up road to here and you'll see Alpha Boulders on your right North 35deg 4.320min West 85deg 25.257min 4. From 2, hike up road to here and you'll see Twister/drama/hidden/movie on your right North 35deg 4.417min West 85deg 24.972min 5. Hike up road to here and you'll see Gummi area on right. You can access Devastation/Fortress/Roof areas quickly from here. Also, you can park your car here if the road is open. North 35deg 4.473min West 85deg 24.711min 6. The Movie Boulder North 35deg 4.341min West 85deg 24.861min 7. Fortress area North 35deg 4.424min West 85deg 24.741min SCC Crag - Minimal Impact Flier:

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Published on: 2006-02-02 (15319 reads)
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