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Moss Rock Preserve

Laban Swafford climbing in the first
ever Chalky Dreams Bouldering Comp
at the Boulder Fields.

Jeff and Adam getting in a late
afternoon session at the Boulder Fields.
Thanks to Curt Johnson for the photo.

History: The Shades Crest Boulder Fields, on the outskirts of Birmingham, Alabama, has long been a threatened area. Late in 2001 the land that the boulders were on were up for zoning changes by the city council of Hoover, Alabama for development purposes. Early in 2002 Lee Means, accompanied by other local climbers and a local conservation group got together and ultimately saved the small outcrop of sandstone boulders. Thanks to the efforts of all those involved, the City of Hoover designated the area the Moss Rock Trail Preserve, thus saving the land from the encroaching housing developments.

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